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eziparts was produced in response to a changing market in the Auto Parts Industry. In conjuction with a professional group of auto recyclers from both New Zealand and Australia we have developed one of the most advanced business management tools for the industry.

The main focus of eziparts has been based around, one EASY FOR A DISMANTLER TO USE and secondly the servicing of the online customer. Todays customers demand online trading and until now servicing this customer has been very time consuming and extremely expensive. eziparts brings all the features you need to service and manage both traditional and online trading together in a package that even an auto recycler can use.

Our motto is 'Changing the way you do business' and our commitment to the industry is that we intend to do exctly that. We have reconfigured the way technical people talk to non technical people. We listen to your needs and we will deliver any new features requested that will benefit the industry and your business.

eziparts has been built from the ground up using the same enterprise technology usually only afordable by large enterprise companies. Because of our efforts, this is now available to the Recycled/Dismantling Parts Industry at a fraction of the cost. The technology is brand new, up-to-date, high powered and ready to accelerate your business.

Please review below some of the main features:

Servicing the online customer

Select the parts, click the add to cart button, review your order and complete the online purchase! Sounds easy and now it is!

Advanced stock features.

Parts Interchange, part numbers, vehicle indentification, image libraries are all the buzz words when it comes to eziparts!

Customer management

Who are my top customers, how much do they spend per month, bulk email marketing, automated emailing of end of month statements, is there nothing we can't do!


Schedule appointments to manage your day, tasks, reminders to help track quotes and orders, manage your work force plus more!

Day book

Running record of misc quotes and information relating to customer enquiries.

Quotes and Invoicing

Generate multiple quotes then wrap them all into an invoice at a later date!

Sale analysis

  • Which parts and vehicles are the most profitable?
  • Which parts have the fastest turnover?
  • What should I buy next and how much should I pay for it?

Touch Screen Point Of Sale Terminal

Fast over the counter sales with the eziPOS touch screen POS module.

Vehicle Acquisitions

Manage the purchasing of your vehicles, everything from purchasing details to managing the pickup and towing of the vehicles can be easily managed with 'eziparts'

Automated freight calculator

Enter in the information about your chosen freight companies and their rates then let 'eziparts' do the rest. Individual part parameters such as dimensions, weight and packaging are used to determine the shipping rates!

Auto generated ebay listing text

Quickly generate HTML text for your ebay listings complete with image links and any information you want to display.

SEDA depolution integration

eziparts can now interface with the SEDA depolution stations and tank controller to give you a details analysis of your vehicle depolution management.

Printers Scanners and Other Hardware

Printers Scanners and Other Hardware required to use eziparts effectively